• Reading Original Dungeons & Dragons – Part 3: Abilities, languages and NPCs

    Determination of Abilities: Roll 3 D6 in order to rate your abilities. This is pretty close to the current way of rolling 4 D6 and dropping the lowest, then add up the result. I imagine using only 3 D6 means that the results were a little bit lower, and you couldn’t have at least the […]

  • Map #10: Sacrifice Cave

    Distant cries of agony escape through the cracks in the ground. Under 100 meters deep, a cursed cave hides bloody events. This cave is a sacrificial site for dark gods, hidden beneath the depths of a dense jungle. The unfortunate ones who enter here, never return. Streams of blood mark the borders, while collections of […]

  • Map #9: Deepground

    There’s lots of mysteries down underground, hidden from the light, waiting to be discovered. Deep beneath the mountains, Deepground awaits those daring adventurers that want to find the truth. This dangerous cave isn’t what it looks like at first view. While its form is that of a cavern, its history is that of a gate […]

  • Dragon Magazine #15 Review

    The Dragon #15 Woah, the one and five! This also marks the third year of The Dragon. The cover is pretty cool and all, until you see the faces and that the dude is holding a spear with two fingers, but still. I also believe this is the first time they use a two-page cover, […]

  • Reading Original Dungeons & Dragons – Part 2: Classes and Races

    Characters: There are three main characters: Fighting-men, Magic-users and Clerics. FM include elves, dwarves, and hobbits. MU only men and elves, and clerics are exclusive to men. So, this was back in the day when classes were tied to the race/species. I’ve never tried this form before, of course, but I could see myself try […]

  • Map #8: The Lorne Cave

    Another map. A little snapshot of a project I’m doing! This map was created as a location, for a future compilation of locations I’m currently working on. The document is going to be themed around caves and I hope to have at least 25 locations/maps. » » The Lorne Cave « « Consider supporting me […]

  • Reading Original Dungeons & Dragons – Part 1: The intro

    Forward:​Some words by the man himself, detailing what this little game is going to be all about, and the roots of it. Created from the games of the Castle & Crusade Society, taken from the land called Blackmoor by David Arneson, D&D was born as an expansion of that, and the rules created from Chainmail, […]

  • The Sky Rapture – Homebrew Weapon

    Born out of sheer despise, this sword wants blood, but not any kind of blood, and not from any kind of beast. It wants to break the world apart, and to consume those that laud themselves as beings from the beyond… This is the first time I create a weapon for D&D. This doesn’t have […]

  • EQ3 The Mysterious Witch

    (EQ3) The Mysterious Witch is an adventure designed for low level players, for use in any fantasy generic-system TTRPG. This adventure is themed around dark magic, mystery and corruption. Exploration and dangers await players as they travel into a forsaken village among the woods, besieged by undead creatures and horrors. The village asks for help […]

  • Map #7: The Witch’s Dungeon

    The seventh map. This one was made for my upcoming third Endless Quests adventure! It’s also my first proper dungeon map, and the first time I even use a ruler! Hah. I’ve also been learning how to format different versions to offer as much variety as I can for all kinds of scenarios. Hopefully it’s […]

”Not all those who wander are lost”

– Gandalf

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